Something BIG and POWERFUL is happening 2021!

big and powerful

Was I the only one who got so much energy and confirmation after the recent event? The yesterday’s BIG blackout was fierce though, right? The storm we had here was crazy cool. My house is with the view of Menton and the sea and let me tell you, it was so POWERFUL. Instead of wanting […]

When was the last time you let yourself be photographed?

photographer monaco

When was the last time you felt beautiful, seen and loved? When was the last time you let yourself be photographed and be completely immersed in this process? This is usually my intention every single time I do a photoshoot – to create a safe environment and hold space for you to bring out the […]

Is there hope for humanity?

hope for humanity

When people say “I wear my heart on my sleeve,” it means that they are being honest and open about some of their innermost and intimate emotions. “Is there hope for humanity?” has been the question that has come up recently by a lot of you so I’ll continue to be transparent as always. It […]

For how long will you sit in your comfort zone?

It took me a long time to shake off the labels people around me had put on me. It also took me a while to shake off the expectations that society had for me. At the end of the day I’m a child of freedom. It has always been like this and always will be. […]

Do you love the life you are living?

What makes you move? I smiled while typing in the title because I knew that this is the right thing to share right now. I think it was the movie “Divergent” where the main actors shared a dialogue about fear. It was something along the lines that usually when fear shuts most of the people […]

Freedom of Choice

Monaco Monte Carlo

It took me a moment but I’m now able to connect the dots. Me, just like you my dear reader, have experienced highs and lows of life. My low point wasn’t too long ago and I now understand why I was experiencing it and how I came out of it. I’d love to share that […]

Elena Berri & Formula king Esteban Ocon in Monaco

Esteban Ocon and Elena Berri

For ages I’ve been wanting to live somewhere where there is golden hour that is seen more often than in my hometown. Be careful for what you wish for as it usually always becomes true and you end up waking up before the sunrise almost every day of the week! The clients who have found […]

Team manifestation in Monaco

I was looking for a professional makeup artist who could do hair as well already before I moved to Monaco because that’s who I need in my team to offer my clients the best experience. It was so hard to find anyone who has experience on set and really knows what they’re doing, BUT – […]

Happy birthday

It was around 6pm yesterday when I called my friend and asked her to talk to me a little bit because I was feeling lonely. I had this idea that I should be in a happy romantic relationship and a successful artist wherever I go by the time I turn 27 which was yesterday. Instead […]

The spirit of the sea

It’s so hard to not be working 24/7. I don’t know why. Maybe because for one year I mostly had to do my own personal passion projects instead working with other people and I was waiting to express this creativity that had gathered in me, through teamwork.  By working I mean creating. There is no […]