5 important things to remember about photographing men

5 important things to remember about photographing men

  1. Every man is handsome in their own way!
  2. They deserve the same amount of effort and energy as women in the studio!
  3. There is no such thing as an unphotogenic person!
  4. Photographing men is different and can be so much fun!
  5. Enjoy the masculine energy in the studio!

It’s true. Every man is handsome in their own way. Now imagine when you have a professional team in the studio who will help you catch all that handsomeness in a photograph!!!

If you’ve followed my work for some time, you probably know that so many women find their way to me. I enjoy that process so much when I can discover people in their most vulnerable state – in front of a camera.

Though I now also invite men to take action! I mean who wouldn’t need some fresh headshots, branding pics or even something nice for those modern dating apps?

There can be a million reasons why one finds their way into the studio but at the end of the day you’ll receive so much more than just the images. You’ll remember this experience for a lifetime because of how important my team makes you feel.

Dedicating this blogpost to all the men who will find their way in front of my camera, starting now!

WATCH THIS VIDEO to get an idea about how a photoshoot with me looks like!

Photographer: Gerda Carina
Muah: Merlin Toovis
Stylist: Marleen Afanasjev

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