Let the new chapter begin !!!

I stepped out from the studio for my last shoot at home. I’m on the road again and it feels like old times. I feel like that one year at home was just a couple of weeks. I truly experience time very differently.

I picked my favorite place on earth to photograph Kelli. We went to the beach, to the water for the golden hour and left before midnight as Estonian summers are so light and bright. 

Kelli is that special gift that the year 2020 gave me. It’s rare to find a human who understands your internal world without you doing your everything to express yourself with words. Silence is also an opportunity to hold space, be connected and communicate even while being million moons apart. We are sprinkled around the world like stardust, so to find that one piece of you that’s out there is a rare find. 

This blog may turn into a more personal one with time, I’m not sure yet but we’ll see. The more time has gone by, the more sensitive I’ve become to online attacks because energy and thoughts do not know space or time. BUT there are so many insights and reflections I am experiencing and maybe, just maybe, some of my readers can resonate and be inspired by my sharings and it’s all worth it. 

Greetings from Monaco with much love,

Gerda Carina

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