“Issand, kust Sa seda energiat võtad?”

Käisin Beautiful Me stuudios, enne kui Dubais enda maalide näituse üles panin aastal 2023 ning üks armas naine, kes seal töötas, küsis: “Issand, kust Sa

Thank you 2023

Thank you 2023 for all of the adventures you offered. You were so f*cking wild and big. Big thanks to everyone who I captured this

I lied …

I know that one of my last posts in my blog announced I’m quitting photography.  Well … I didn’t know how suddenly so many of

End of photography

What am I doing now that I finished with portrait photography? Oh so much … I find myself playing piano a lot more than usual.

Homeopath and artist in one

Besides being a gorgeous beautiful woman and million other things, Britta is a homeopath, blogger and an artist. She is actively creating spiritual paintings and

Happy birthday!!!

She skipped school to do a photoshoot!! Just joking!… But it wouldn’t be the first time though. Shoutout to my brother who is assisting me

I’m not photogenic!!

This is what I hear every time someone comes to the studio.  “I’m not photogenic. I don’t know how to pose. I have to lose