Three reasons why every mother should let themselves be photographed

Take a day off and allow yourself to feel like a gorgeous covergirl

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a day for yourself, where you wear these gorgeous dresses that have been forgotten in your closet and those beautiful high heels? Would you love to get your makeup and hair done by a professional and feel like a covergirl the whole day?

Nelli is a mother of three beautiful kids. Her days are full of making sure that everybody is taken care of, the house clean and the most delicious dinner on the table. Like I always say: “Where focus goes, energy flows.” During the life of being a mother you most certainly have many things you are not doing anymore and your focus goes on everybody else’s well being. 

Going out and dressing yourself up to see your girlfriends is not something that happens as often as it used to. Going on a romantic date out to a restaurant with your partner has been replaced with a home cooked meal and the company of your lovely family.

All of that is nice but have you not felt like breaking the routine with booking a glamorous portrait photoshoot for yourself? 

A legacy that will live beyond your lifetime

Instead of investing into another expensive watch or handbag, let yourself to be photographed instead. These portraits will live beyond your lifetime and hold value for your whole family and people close to you. 

I have so many women who come into the studio every year and celebrate their growth and gained life experience. The most amazing thing is that I have women coming into the studio for their birthdays. Their partners don’t have to stress about thinking of different birthday gifts every year. They just give them a beautiful envelope with my beautiful gift cards and everybody is happy!

See how beautiful you are 

Women tend to put so much pressure on themselves. It takes a lot of compassion and focus to always remind ourselves that we are worthy and loved. What would be more perfect to celebrate your beauty and help yourself to see how gorgeous you look and are as a woman?

Not only would you have a professional team taking care of you and making you feel and look beautiful but you will be leaving the studio with so much appreciation for yourself. The portraits will reflect your soul and you will most definitely feel seen.

It’s my passion to show you how I see you. I know that there is so much divine beauty inside you and sometimes it really takes a photoshoot with me for you to be reminded of that! 

I had the pleasure of giving a full makeover for Nelli and taking beautiful portraits of her!

Take a look at the photographs down below!

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Thank you Merlin Toovis for being the most amazing makeup artist/ hair stylist and assistant on set.

Dear moms, I challenge you to book a photoshoot for yourself at least in the next two weeks.

With Love,

Gerda Carina