The last time I photographed men was…

I had a photoshoot with Cindy’s parents in the beginning of 2020 and that was the last time I had a man in front of my camera.

The only man my lens was focused on before that, was my love. It was a time full of beautiful poetic portraits that will live forever. My favorite ones were always taken after surf. His face and body completely possessed by the spirit of the ocean. The freedom he felt on the waves was saved into his eyes so strongly, reflecting the desire to go back out there even days after. Everytime I captured him I loved him more.

It’s been a long time but I have rediscovered the beauty of photographing men again. The energy exchange is completely different and it offers me something else. It’s very different from capturing women. Both are equally important and magical.

Here is the handsome Dr. Siim Simmo. I had the opportunity to take his portrait for the “I Am Beautiful” seminar 2020. You can read more about him HERE.

Dr. Siim Simmo

When was the last time your husband, brother or son had their pictures taken? 

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