When was the last time you let yourself be photographed?

When was the last time you felt beautiful, seen and loved? When was the last time you let yourself be photographed and be completely immersed in this process?

This is usually my intention every single time I do a photoshoot – to create a safe environment and hold space for you to bring out the beauty that is already there. The session usually shifts completely into heights when we both suddenly align. This invisible process always brings everyone and everything around us to life. At least this is what I see. I keep repeating myself – the invisible forces are the most magical ones, always.

Have you seen the movie “Avatar”? There is literally this scene where they connect their hair with the tree in the forest or an animal to fly with it. Through this little action they come together to understand each other and to speak the same language.

You can think the same way of the photographer and the model. With some people it takes more time to sooth into the process and feel comfortable, sometimes it happens so fast that the first shot I take is a winner. This is what happened with Agnieszka.

Make sure you connect from heart to heart. This mindset belongs to the New World where people work through ease, effortlessly and through joy and beauty. There is no place for forcing the outcome to be perfect or the way we want to.

If you know Tarot cards, the Fool card specifically, then this is what I mean. Always on the edge of the unknown. You have to trust and JUMP!

Agnieszka was the first person who managed to make me cry during our consultation before the session as her story was so beautiful and powerful. Whenever she is ready, she will share it herself but for now I want to celebrate all the beautiful, powerful and strong women who may find themselves in the most unexpected situations but still come out wiser, stronger but yet more vulnerable than ever before.

Thank you Monaco for introducing me to such beautiful people. Being a visual creator is a journey of a lifetime. 

We set up a studio in her home and made it cosy yet classy.

Photographer – Gerda Carina
Makeup and hair – Asya Yureva

With love,

Gerda Carina

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