When was the last time you got all glammed up?

When was the last time you got all glammed up?

When was the last time you took portraits alone, with your kids, with your partner, with your loved ones?

When did you get the chance to take out the most glamorous outfits from your closet that you never normally wear and bring them to the studio with you?

When did you last feel seen?

Everytime I go to the studio I still feel so grateful and extremely happy for the ability to do portrait photography of beautiful people. Thank you Hanne, for letting me create in the studio with you!

It’s honestly mind-blowing and kind of weird even to think that I take pictures for a living. And not just take pictures but also offer a beautiful photobox that will stay with the clients forever. 

My dream is coming true again and again every time you book a session with me and I get to use all the skills and knowledge I have within me to capture your soul in a photograph. 

Bookings are now open for May 2023 in Estonia. Spots are limited as always as I know next year will be a crazy busy one. 

Muah: Merlin Toovis


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