The spirit of the sea

It’s so hard to not be working 24/7. I don’t know why. Maybe because for one year I mostly had to do my own personal passion projects instead working with other people and I was waiting to express this creativity that had gathered in me, through teamwork. 

By working I mean creating. There is no other job for me in this world besides creating. I’m lucky enough to have followed my heart and my intuition professionally since I was 12 years old. If you think about it, it doesn’t make much sense to be taking photos or be filming for a living – at least not in this man made world. If you’re one of us then you’re lucky because you can use the source in you to be creating instead of following a system that tells you what to do and what not to do. No offence to anyone who is working in a system and is liking it. I’m just not built like this.

The journey of an independent freelancer or entrepreneurship is worth it. You’ll make mistakes endlessly which means you’ll have so many opportunities to learn and grow. 

I’ve got so much in me to give that I feel like naturally everything should happen fast but in this physical reality things take time. I sometimes tend to forget about that but to distract myself from stressing about this I go train in the pool in the mornings. The water in the pool here is from the sea so it’s salty and so light. It’s also a bit warmer because the sun is constantly warming it. I hear all kinds of languages there in the mornings and it’s so fulfilling how people from different cultures and worlds come together to invest into their health in this 50m long outer pool.

Because it’s never enough water for me I go to the beach after to just flow with the waves and swim with the fishes. If you’re still, they curiously come around you, so close you could almost pet them. 

The spirit of the sea is sending me all day everyday. I can’t imagine not getting my hair wet and salty anymore. 

Monaco is so small that you have to walk a bit to the left or right and you’ll find yourself in France. It’s almost as close to Italy as well so if you ever want to eat a nice italian meal… 

Overall I’m feeling like I’m coming back to my body more and more everyday so the experiences from the last three years are now being healed slowly and surely. 

In case you’re actually reading my blog when I post and there are some specific things you’d want me to share, let me know on Instagram in private messages for example. I feel like this blog is trying out different ways of being because it’s mixed with professional and personal / which I usually never mix;)

Lot’s of love from Monaco,

Gerda Carina

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