The dark sides of a “gypsy life”

The dark sides of a “gypsy life” can be different for everyone. One thing I can say for sure, is that the good part of it all, is freedom, and it’s worth it. I hope this post triggers something in you to make a move towards a better life, whatever that means for you.

“When writing these lines, I’m hearing a distant church bell. Maybe tomorrow it will be a mosque, or a waterfall, or the river flowing through a jungle.”

The expression I tend to use a lot about my life is “The gypsy life” and that just means that I travel, move around in the world mostly carefree. Besides travelling externally, I also travel internally. Bear in mind that internal travels are far more important than external.

I’m actually craving for physical stability at the moment. I’ve been on the road a lot because of my creative work as a portrait photographer. Now that I’m teaching my portrait photography class online, (ENROLL HERE) I can see myself enjoying the calmness that fills my soul, knowing that I don’t have to think of a plan B, which is where to move next. But I could! I want to leave the option of external travel into my reality, always, because this is who I am – free. It’s a choice.

I remember in the kindergarten we once had an event where all the kids had to dress up as some character. I think it was similar to Halloween. Guess who I was? Yes, a little gypsy with a long red skirt, a head scarf and handmade jewellery.

I wanted to share a realisation I only came to a couple of weeks ago. External travelling keeps you away from the internal journey on some level. Don’t get me wrong. Travelling the world expands your mind and shows you new cultures, people, ways of life, challenges you and so much more. But taking myself as an example, I realised that I needed to go within even more. As a side note – going within is a natural state for me usually so feeling that I’m not doing it enough, was very clear and loud. 

I suddenly got tired of thinking about where I will live next year, will I have a quiet home area, will I have enough space in my suitcase for the things I need for life again? etc. 

I felt strong resistance towards thinking of packing my suitcase again and hitting the road couple of weeks ago. Maybe it’s a phase, who knows? Maybe my work will take me around the world whether I truly want it or not tomorrow.

When you start walking and living your mission, you don’t really have a choice. You do what you came here to do.

The dark side of a gypsy life for me has been the headspace that belongs to constantly focusing on my external wellbeing and survival. Instead I could go within, and write a book probably in a week or two. Or maybe I could face more of my shadows and share them here, so you could remember or connect dots in your own life.

I think you understand what I’m trying to say. For the first time in my life I would truly like to find a home in this world. A home that makes me feel safe, a home that is perfect for me and my creative projects. A home that lets me adventure out but always awaits for me when I return.

I mentioned in the beginning that the good part of all of it is freedom and that it’s worth it. It’s not meant for everyone. It’s not for the people who need to follow a system to function. It’s not for the people who are terrified of the unknown and don’t enjoy the journey of exploring outside of the box. It’s not for the people who need their boss to tell them what to do, how to do it and how fast to do it.

The gypsy life, whether it will be an external or internal, is only for the ones who are seeking freedom on different levels and are open to more in life.

Stay wild.

Stay free.

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Thank you for reading!

Until next time!

Gerda Carina

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