Something BIG and POWERFUL is happening 2021!

Was I the only one who got so much energy and confirmation after the recent event? The yesterday’s BIG blackout was fierce though, right? The storm we had here was crazy cool. My house is with the view of Menton and the sea and let me tell you, it was so POWERFUL. Instead of wanting to hide from the storms, I’m the one who always goes out barefoot and observes, takes it all in.

We are not here for no reason. We all have a mission. I know it sounds funny for some people who are reading this.  I’m sure you all have heard different influencers with big platforms say that. Once you start “seeing” life for what it really is, you’ll understand how every single thing you think, do and are, affects everything – on so many levels. 

To be honest life has gotten easier after my last awakening. For the ones who do not know, you can awaken throughout your whole life. There are levels to this. Some people are already born more aware and with more light within, some will awaken to it throughout their life, if ever.

At the moment I’ve been getting access to more and more knowledge and I think it’s so great because it makes me move less. It makes me move smart. I don’t waste my energy anymore on the things I literally know won’t serve me. 

Don’t get me wrong, they will try to manipulate us into different distractions and subjects through fear that only take us off from our path but that’s because we’re so powerful. The impact you have as a human is insane! You are so big and powerful!

The last months have been crazy. I’m not sure how I survived them but I know I had to just to arrive in this moment. This moment will last until the next mission.

How much are you questioning what is happening around you? Do you just go along with what people around you are doing? I know, it’s not easy to do something different if you don’t have like-minded people around you but trust me, the moment you step into your authentic self by following your internal guide, you’ll attract your tribe. The tribe who will show you the new ways to see this world we are living in. The tribe that will show you how to see through the illusion called life.

At this point of my life I don’t even care what anyone thinks of me. I’ve actually been like this for as long as I remember. The moment you stop caring, the people who will try to put you back in the box will seem funny to you. You will even feel a bit bad for them maybe and try to encourage them to come out from this box themselves too. I actually think it needs a lot of reprogramming and not just stepping out from the box. Or what do you think?

There are a lot of “light” people being guided to me recently and it makes my heart so happy. They are my tribe! The people with bigger missions are spread around the world and never together. Throughout their lives they will find each other. But they will only find each other when they become examples and put themselves out there for others to see. How else will you become noticed?

I’m actually trying to tell myself the same thing every day because I strongly dislike putting my face out here. Funny thing is that one of the things I have to do is to connect with young people. Where are most of the young people? In TikTok!! I downloaded this app today but I haven’t been able to open it as the collective energy of this app is just … no offence to anyone but it’s so disturbing. That being said, I also know that I can find a way to them by creating this pure space in TikTok for myself and my message. 

My 6 months online portrait photography class for beginners is mostly targeted to the people who are searching for a creative direction and can’t really put a finger on what they are looking for. So if you by any chance know someone who could benefit from this, CLICK HERE to learn more and guide them to me. They can ENROLL NOW and I’ll contact them when they are accepted to the program. It will be live zoom calls and a very individual approach so it’s worth the time, energy and investment.

I’m now going to go and brainstorm some ideas for TikTok.. Anyone who knows about this app can enlighten me please as I feel very old when it comes to this. I do have an account though with some videos already. What do the young people want to see? I won’t do the dance videos though…

Thank you!

Until next time!
Gerda Carina

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