What do you mean by question everything?

I mean are you questioning the world you are living in?

Are you questioning the programs you’ve adopted as your own that are ruling your life?

Are you questioning where the fears you have are coming from?

Are you actually even scared?

Did someone else just tell you to feel fear? 

What would you do differently if you could?

Are you scared of crossing this boundary between the known and unknown?

What could be the worst thing that could happen?


Are you questioning death?

Do you think it’s painful or scary?

Maybe it’s calm and peaceful?

Maybe death is just a transformation from one state into another?

Would it be possible that school system may tear kids apart from their intuition that would guide them through their life?

Do you believe that maybe there are other ways to learn in life?

How much do you question the food that is being sold in the big markets?

How much do you question what you put into your body?

What if everything you think, do and is affecting everything around you?

What if your words create your reality?

What if you can create whatever you want?

What if you were born into this world to learn how to live freely? 

What if there is more to life than this physical world?

What if there are other beings with us that most of us can’t yet physically see?

Maybe you could sense or feel them?

What if you could time travel?

What if you start living the opposite way of how the mainstream and the world is telling you to live?

What if instead of going to work you become your work?

What if self growth becomes your work and you’ll be able to financially support yourself still? 

What if you could daydream more?

What if you could create more?

Maybe even start playing with colours and paint?

What if nothing you do has to make sense?

What if you are just guided to do or say something and it’s exactly what had to happen in this moment?

What if the people you meet in your life are mirrors of you?

What if you meet someone so beautiful from the inside and outside?

Would you think it’s too good to be true or would you enjoy it without questioning?

What if you’ve just gone through so much healing that you finally meet only the most beautiful souls? 

What if this planet is not really what we are being told?

What if the past, present and future are happening at once?

What if there is no time?

Would you be scared to be called crazy for questioning these things?

Would you care what others would think?

Would you still find the courage to stay authentic even when your knees are shaking?

Would you still be brave and only speak the truth? 

What is truth?

What if there are Universal Laws that everyone has to follow but because we are not being told about this, we make our own rules?

What if our rules matter nothing?

What happens if we start breaking some rules instead?

What if we stop producing movies where there is violence?

What if we only promoted love, balance and harmony?

Would the world be a better place?

What if we all would do shadow work? 

Do you think you can make a difference by changing little daily habits of yours?

Or do you think that it doesn’t really matter and that you have no impact?

What if instead of saying something unsupportive to someone during a fight you instead take your space and speak from love?

What if we have nothing nice to say we say nothing at all?

What if there would be more understanding and support in this world, would it be a better place?

What are you willing to do for more aware and conscious world?

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