For everyone who is in the midst of their journey to the other side – FREEDOM.

The older I got, the more I started to distinguish the two types of people in this world. Firstly, the ones who live in the system and secondly the ones who seek freedom in everything they do. I belong to the second group.

I’ve always been sensitive to energies and the “invisible” world. This has helped me to become the artist and mentor that I am today. I know how to connect with people on a deeper level and understand their needs therefore help them activate themselves and step into their full potential.

I naturally gravitate out from the matrix but stay smart enough to learn how to navigate the system, when it’s necessary. I don’t preach moving into the forest and growing your own food because it’s not for everyone. I preach doing things that activate you, make you feel free and help you connect with your Higher Self, so you could fulfill your mission.

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