Portraits with Katrin

Katrin has worked in the beauty industry for 16 years as a beautician, spa therapist and a trainer. She has also owned a beauty salon in Estonia and has been a spa manager in an international team at a Norwegian Resort and Conference hotel. All these professional experiences have helped her to see different aspects of the beauty world and develop herself constantly.

Makeup and hair by Madli Pihel

As her previous education is related to economics, her goal is to bring business and economic know-how to beauty salons. Without that aspect would be difficult to differentiate in the face of competition in the beauty world. She would like that the people working in the field of beauty services would have a better opportunity to participate in international cooperation and trainings, that’s why she’s also one of the organisers of the I Am Beautiful Seminar, which offers that opportunity.

Makeup and hair by Madli Pihel

“The portrait session with Gerda Carina was an amazing experience. I’ve usually always felt insecure in front of a camera before and that’s why I haven’t had my photos taken too much, but this time everything was completely the opposite. She gave me instructions already before the shoot in the consultation about what to bring and how to prepare. She knew how to make me feel confident in front of her camera. The atmosphere and the whole team was very professional yet so fun and easygoing. Gerda Carina is a photographer who I would go back to anytime and I definately recommend her to everyone. The whole process and the photos were just WOW! Thank you for this amazing experience!”

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With Love,

Gerda Carina