Popping bottles

Over the years I’ve understood that no matter what pictures you are going to take with me in the studio, it’s an experience for a lifetime. 

Some of you maye roll your eyes and think that I’m too egoistic to be praising my own work.

Know this – I am very well aware that I’m great with people when they come to the studio. I only offer the best service and I SEE the satisfying outcome one client after another.

This recent beautiful woman who came to take private pictures couldn’t stop thanking me for the experience, the images and the box with the photographs. It only fills me with gratitude and motivation to be even better and serve more.

I only offer quality.

Thank you for trusting me through the years.

I’ll be in Estonia for a minute again to photograph in the studio in September. I have a couple of days still available. (I only do one photoshoot a day). Click here for the Facebook post.

Be my guest to come with champagne and friends…

MUAH: Merlin Toovis
Stuudio: Stuudio35
Photographer: Gerda Carina

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