Pleasing people will be the death of you

Pleasing people will be the death of you. Death on so many internal levels.

It was sneaking into my energy field so quietly and slowly to really wipe me off my feet for a day.

I almost felt like my brain would explode. My nose suddenly blocked, my eyes were full of water, my body was weak and I felt like I needed to rest. Instead I pushed myself a little bit more to do the chores in the kitchen and work on my laptop until I kindly asked myself to follow my internal guidance. And before you say that maybe I have corona – no, I don’t. Me feeling heavy and weak lasted only for a day for some very specific reasons that I’m going to share with you in a minute. The moment I sat with myself and did some internal changes, I got better almost immediately.

Yes people, that’s how easy it is to control your health – from the INSIDE!

I’m a person who has rock solid health. It has always been like this. In my previous blog posts I’ve mentioned how I can think myself sick if I wanted to. It’s what I did when I didn’t want to go to school and I knew the power of my mind.

Couple of days ago it finally caught me. The aftermath of people’s pleasing. I was stuck in bed. Like I said, it wasn’t a cold nor corona. I don’t even believe in having a cold. Usually when I’m sick I go into cold water. It’s my medicine. At that moment I was  just lacking the energy to walk down to the sea and soak my body in the saltwater. Even though I have a swimming pool in the garden which is even colder than the sea right now I chose to stay in bed.

The reason why I’m even writing this post is a REMINDER. A reminder to every single one of you to follow your internal truth. If that means you need to go to sleep at 9, then go to sleep at 9. If that means not eating gluten, sugar or lactose because your body is sensitive to them, then don’t put them into your body. Not even when other people around you are eating them and you feel the pressure to fit into the crowd.

It’s such a “normal” human way of acting sometimes – putting our needs aside for someone else. That’s what I’ve done for the last couple of months. Nobody asked me to go against my truths. Nobody asked me to feed my body with the foods that will eventually make me sick and weak. Deep down I chose to do all these things because I wanted to please.


I shed a tear or two as well because I felt a bit disappointed in myself for not being stronger, smarter, wiser and better. I’ve made this mistake in the past, trying to fit into someone else’s world while changing my habits and it never worked out. I always paid the price.

Please take care of your body when it feels like it needs to rest.

Please only eat the foods that nourish you because food holds information.

Cook for yourself as much as possible instead of eating out. This way you know what ingredients, including feelings, emotions and thoughts are in the food.

I’m a highly sensitive person which means I feel everything a hundred times more intense. When I have a slightly runny nose and a headache, I feel like the world is ending. For some people it may be a bit easier to tolerate.

I know in a way I have to be doing all the “right” things because I’m using this platform to be an example you could look up to and be inspired by. But I also feel like I need to be very honest, vulnerable and open with you so you could learn from my mistakes and connect dots in your own life.

To go deeper with my mistakes, I will lay some of them out here for you, so you would understand how little things can affect you.

I usually never eat later than 6pm in the evening. Ideally I would even have my last meal at 5 and it would be very light. The reason why it’s good to eat early is because of the quality of your sleep and dreams. Everytime I eat a heavy dinner and later in the evening like I’ve been doing lately, I stay stuck in the lower astral level and I see the dreams of the matrix. It literally, I mean literally makes me sick. I’m not able to go into the higher astral level in that case. You may say “So what?”. 

The things that happen during our sleep.. I’m not sure I can even share everything here because some people are just not ready regardless of the astral adventures being good or bad.

The beings who are waiting for you in the lower astral after you fall asleep are the parasites. They can manipulate your dreams so you wouldn’t be in control. They can suck your energy, they can build your bad karma and a million other things. All these affect your physical reality and life here in this body. And yes, the astral world is real.

I’ve got so many personal examples but I’ll leave them for another time.

My next mistake has been putting another person before my own self. This never ends well. Again, I want to point out that nobody asked me to do all these things. It was my choice to experience this so I would remember to prioritise myself.

When I don’t follow my strong inner guidance, my body usually makes me pay for it.

We all have this internal knowing inside us, but for different reasons we sometimes ignore this and do the opposite.

People’s pleasing for me comes from my childhood, so I guess there are still some things to solve and heal.

I hope that you somehow resonated and remembered how important it is to take care of yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself, nobody else will. The way we treat and love ourselves will show other people how to treat and love us.

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Thank you for reading!

Until next time!

Gerda Carina

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