Is there hope for humanity?

When people say “I wear my heart on my sleeve,” it means that they are being honest and open about some of their innermost and intimate emotions.

“Is there hope for humanity?” has been the question that has come up recently by a lot of you so I’ll continue to be transparent as always.

It has been a minute since I last wrote something in my blog. There has been a lot happening externally and internally so I took my time to completely be in the present and observe the beautiful unknown direction of my life without sharing it here.

In the current moment it’s important to save your energy only for the necessary and pull it out from things that do not serve your higher purpose or humanity. It’s literally THAT time right now. 

I’m moving into this calm beautiful area near Monaco. I’ll be next to the border of Italy. Sounds so exotic hah! I will be living between a big mountain and the sea. Keep an eye out on my YouTube channel as I will continue doing podcasts there with the great people who inspire me and will also inspire you for sure.

In reality I, as any highly sensitive human, need to have my space out from the city so I could continue doing what I do. Humanity is going through a shit-show at the moment. I would like to say hi to every one of you who is reading this and feeling every single word I’m saying. Hope you’ll make it through the winter! 

“A shit-show is a description of an event or situation that takes an unexpected turn and is thrown into chaos. It’s another word for a spectacle or a complete mess.”

I’m sorry for being so unfiltered and triggering sometimes. It’s how I’ve always been like as I never understood people who do not like the truth. I think it’s so much fun, it lifts you to greater heights and sets you free! Isn’t freedom the one and only thing we are all looking for after all?

Who knows me, knows that taking pharmaceutical medicine is the very last option for me when I’m in physical pain, as I believe that any pain is an echo of something from within we could possibly change ourselves. Last week I was literally forced to take painkillers for way too long because I apparently carried too much energetically and it showed in my lower back.

Thankfully I have some people around me who help me and offer massive support. The invisible support you can’t touch with your hands or see with your eyes, so the pain is gone completely.

The way any pharmaceutical medicine affects highly sensitive people is intense, actually any human in that matter. On the first day I saw how I was sinking like a ship. Suddenly all my emotions, feelings and thoughts were gone. I felt so empty.

As long as you are aware of what is happening during this process, you can help yourself by becoming an observer. Understand that it’s just a phase and learn about the ways to support yourself through this if taking a painkiller really is something you’ve chosen to do.

Drinking a lot of water and eating clean would be the important part of the physical side. Going into the pain in your body through meditation and healing it yourself would be ideal though. Not many are able to do it as we are programmed that we need external help to survive. So is there hope for humanity? Remember – anything is possible as long as we start taking responsibility for our actions and letting go of the fear of standing in our full potential and power.

You have the opportunity to find the good in this world and make it part of your reality. Where focus goes, energy flows, so leave the unnecessary aside. Do not let yourself be attached to pseudo-problems. You can be independent. You can be free, literally, on every level you choose to.

It’s interesting how every time I write about real things that are happening around us, I feel like I have literally become the heaviest energy but in actuality the essence of the subjects is just heavy. It would maybe be an interesting thing to observe for you as well. Do not confuse your own energy with the energy of your thoughts, other people’s energy or the energy of your surroundings. Cut the chords softly every-single-time.

Another thing I may talk about more in some other post when I know and learn more about the solution, is that I’m struggling with finding proper food to eat here. There is no land here in Monaco where people would grow their own CLEAN veggies and fruits so I had to adjust with food not being alive most of the time. You can always ACTIVATE the food of course, but how many of us do that?!? I know few…

Did you know that basically all the food that is in the big stores is empty from the prana, the life force? Imagine being hungry and going to do grocery shopping. Every time you look at the already prepared warm food with your watering mouth or anything that is being offered to you, you unconsciously pull the prana out from it. Now imagine going into the store in the evening – all the beautiful morning-made baguettes or packaged fruit salads are completely empty from life force because almost every single person does it. You put the food you’ve bought into your body but it gives you nothing. Most likely you’ll still feel hungry or sleepy after eating it. Food should give us energy. It’s the same with sex, but that’s another topic.

Couple of years ago when I was in the desert of Arabia, I met this beautiful colourful spirit who was a great example when it came to food that we eat. He knew what was right for his body and what not, so I adopted a habit from him. I rather eat nothing than just put something into my body that I can find. I almost always end up coming out from the grocery store with a freshly pressed juice and some fruits from that super expensive bio section and that’s about it.

As a side note I would like to say that nothing I write or share is the one and only truth but just something I see. Maybe it resonates with you, maybe not. Hope you find your own truth in this journey called life.

A fun fact – the lighter foods I eat, the more my intuition opens and the more I “see” with ease. The heavier foods I eat, the more earthly I become. It’s like this with everyone.

I love you all.

Until next time!

Gerda Carina

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