How to create your reality?

How to create your reality? How much of this have you already heard from all the “law of attraction” people? Probably a lot. The short answer is “attunement”.

There have absolutely been times where I have sabotaged my own freedom and life from within which shows in the external world. For example when there has been something I’ve really wanted to do and it’s just not working out, because I’m not energetically open for new opportunities. I don’t do this on purpose. It’s just the innerwork left undone that shows in the physical reality. As we all know everything starts from within and takes a bit more time to manifest into this material space.

In the recent weeks I’ve felt that I need to put more effort into being open than usually, because I’ve been feeling like being open is painful due to the access to my energy. Funny isn’t it? Knowing that being open brings you opportunities and new possibilities to live a better life, but still refusing it at times. Why is that so?

Some of us are more sensitive than others. I’m the one who is highly sensitive so my life is not only about dealing with my “problems” but also sensing everything and everyone around me as well while solving them. Plus of course all the downloads from the cosmos – but these are actually fun and don’t take anything from me besides a little bit of space in my mind. The minute I write them out in my diary or into my blog, there’s more space again for more knowledge to share.

Going back to why it is that I’ve sabotaged myself. You know how after a really toxic and painful relationship you remember the pain, so next time with the new person you maybe tend to be more aware and maybe more cautious? It’s because you know that there are opportunities and possibilities for a great love and great pain. The contrast of this world! It has its own beauty in it. It’s the same with everything else.

Imagine a sea eagle looking for food to catch but the waters are stormy and moody. It’s throwing its big waves in unpredictable directions, so it’s difficult to see where the food is. The sea eagle will only fly close to the water because it needs to eat. Being dangerously close to the unpredictable waves is maybe the last thing he wants to do.

This is exactly how I’ve been in the last weeks. Close to the surface – creating content, writing my heart out and being visible in social media, but it only happens for a moment. The lights go off every time the show ends. It’s been the same also in my personal reality. 

While the lights are off and I’m working behind the scenes in silence, alone, for you, I also practice seeing the difference between allowing myself to be internally free and staying stuck in the energy of the system so I would recognise the difference when one or the other happens.

Yet again I want to clarify that the system is an entity that needs to survive just like we do and the way it does survive is through feeding from our energy. In that case the only way out from it, is to go within.

The space I’m practicing going into, is knowing that everything starts with a decision. This internal decision towards anything in life. It can be a little project or a big manifestation. 

The next intention I set, is that I’m free and supported on every level whatever I create.

Bear in mind that these are not some positive affirmations that I keep repeating myself on a daily basis. I don’t believe in words with no feeling. I would rather call it making a statement. Every single time I do this, it comes from an internal knowing that I will achieve whatever it is that I want.

Since these intention settings are coming from such a certain place, I’m always a bit disappointed with myself when I fail. There have been days recently when I’ve felt like such a failure because I lost a project or things are not working out as fast as I want them to. These are the moments of a great lesson. Sometimes it takes me a few days to get back to internal balance and harmony to do it all over again, but while being smarter and wiser.

If I fail again, I try to find that internal moment when I fell out from being attuned with succeeding with something, so I could avoid that mistake next time. Let’s say I lose a great opportunity. I don’t believe in external reasons. It all starts within first. I then ask myself when did I close myself to that opportunity? Why? How can I attract it again and stay open this time? At the moment it’s like a massive puzzle I’m trying to solve but the more time goes by, the better I get.

Does that resonate with you?

It’s important to keep yourself open even during tough times. Just be aware how and where you put your energy so you would stay untouched by the system and would be able to create yourself the reality you desire.

Thank you for reading!
Until next time!

Gerda Carina

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