Homeopath and artist in one

Besides being a gorgeous beautiful woman and million other things, Britta is a homeopath, blogger and an artist.

She is actively creating spiritual paintings and currently working on a new collection that was inspired by the Universe.

Since she’s always looking for challenges and new ways to grow, she now started to do podcasts with inspiring people who have a message to share. These different conversations help people see life from different angles in her opinion.


We had a conversation the other day and she said that she feels this internal push to take all these new steps on a personal and professional level. Right now is the right time to create and think bigger. 

“I’ve always painted, ever since I was a child and it’s just one of the ways to express myself. I enjoy the process and it also shows later when my work is done. 

My aim with the “Universe” collection is to encourage people to look within so they could understand who they really are and what is their mission on this planet.”

She is hoping to reach more people through homeopath sessions and wishes people to look into that way of healing as well.

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