Hello Monaco

I did my birth chart couple of months ago. I was able to connect so many dots and understand and remember myself better. I also learned that this year is all about air meaning I’m almost walking on air the whole year. That’s how I’ve felt as well. It feels like I can’t grab onto anything.

I feel like no matter where I’m at and what I’m doing I’m walking on air meaning there’s no certainty. Even if I decide to walk to the pool to go train which is 5 minutes from home, there is no certainty that I’m going to make it there. It’s such funny sensation and I honestly don’t know how to put it into words. I’m sensing life in a different way than I’ve ever sensed it before and it’s a process on its own.

Regardless of having had the feeling that nothing matters, there has been this big space in me that wants to move, grow, learn and most of all CREATE. I didn’t even realise when I was suddenly sitting in the airplane on my way to Monaco with just a suitcase and hand luggage full of my camera equipment. Things are happening around me and I feel like I’m just a bystander.

If you’ve followed my work then you know that I spent one year in Estonia because of the crazy dynamics that are happening in the world. My life seemed so glorious and full of adventure previously, and it mostly was until I fell into a space where I now have to step out. It takes time and patience mostly with my own self. I felt in the recent year that everything I built, collapsed, in every area.

I have a new motto to never ever put anyone higher than myself. My focus got lost while falling in love and being in a relationship. I learned truly great lessons but I feel like I need to still experience the journey of how great can I create while being solo.

Photographing and filming people is my life-force, it’s the freshly pressed orange juice that gives you life and colour. It’s like the silence before sunrise. It’s this unique fulfilling breath that you take after a heavy rain in the nature.

Anyway, long story short I’m now in Monaco for who knows how long and I’m looking for people to create, work, meet with and most of all to build a team with in here/France.

I’ve been doing photography ever since I was 12 and professionally ever since I was 16 so I managed to build a professional team for myself in Estonia and London but now it’s time for Monaco/France. 

I of course always aim for the best so I expect that from others as well. By writing this down in my blog I’m hoping to manifest the right people into my life who will help me come together to create what I was born to create. The best. The most inspiring and the most fulfilling – art. 

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