Have you taken the covid vaccine?

Have you taken the covid vaccine? It’s finally time for the V word in my blog!!!! WHOOP!

“What position did you have sex in last night?” is actually just as personal question as “Have you taken the COVID-19 vaccine?”. Sorry not sorry for such colorful examples, but I think this war has had a really ugly outcome already by dividing the human collective and making us fight against each other enough. Hopefully it’s the last time I mention the word “vaccine” publicly as I don’t want to feed the current collective reality whatsoever.

I’m not going to say whether I’ve had the shot or not because it’s nobody’s business. Every person has a freewill to choose what to do with their life. UNLESS you give away your power and let yourself be manipulated into thinking that you’re doing the right thing by obeying. That reminds me of Stockholm syndrome.

“Stockholm syndrome is a condition in which hostages develop a psychological bond with their captors during captivity.”

Also the word “obey” reminds me how last winter or even two winters ago there were hats on sale in the big stores that had OBEY written on it and people wore them without questioning the message. Without realising that they are being programmed to obey.

It’s interesting how a lot of people have forgotten that words are spells. What is happening right now is ugly. The words that are being shot at people without thinking of the consequences, is just crazy.

Some people can’t eat gluten or nuts as they are allergic and would die when eating foods with them in it. Some people can’t take the shot because of fear of needles or just because they choose to not put anything into their bodies they do not feel aligned with. It’s literally that simple and it’s our birthright to choose.

You would understand this if you would simply understand life. We come here alone and we go alone. We are creating our reality from the beginning until the end, and let me clarify that there is no beginning nor end, so it’s constant work. Me wearing sunglasses will not protect your eyes. Does that make sense? 

Actually I should explain a bit more about us creating our reality. (Click here for my recent post about creating your reality) Some people are consciously creating their reality. Some people, the ones especially who have given away their power to an external source, are not able to create their reality whatsoever. It’s being created for them and mostly not in their favour. Again, it’s that simple. Does that make sense?

Let me bring you hopefully an easy example. Let’s say you had a math teacher who told you always that you’ll fail in life because you couldn’t understand math most of the time in school. And then later in life you are not even going to try and succeed in things because you’ve taken that teacher’s program as yours, and are now living life accordingly. You’ve given away your power to your past and to some teacher who didn’t understand the impact she or he had on the students.

What’s the lesson here? LISTEN TO YOUR OWN INTERNAL GUIDANCE. But first you have to remove all the programs that are not yours to even begin with so you could understand what is your internal guidance.

I have a question for all of you no matter which group you belong to now. There are three groups. Ones are desperately fighting against the vaccine, the second group is desperately fighting against the first group and then there is the third group that is just living their life and understands that where focus goes, energy flows and things grow.

Maybe there are more groups. Let me know!

My question is – don’t you think that forcing people to do anything is like raping someone against their will? I personally feel like it is but hey, it’s just me. I just have never in my life spoken the language of force.

Whenever you are manipulated into thinking that freedom comes after you do something first, is pure bullshit. Freedom is not something you have to earn. You are born into this world with a free will to decide over your own life. But the strength of the collective is being tested right now and feels like the masses are failing because they don’t even understand that they are being manipulated.

The ones who still are connected with themselves on some level and are making their decisions based on their gut feeling, are being looked at as crazy. How many times have you been called crazy for not agreeing with the mainstream media or with the masses? I know the answer. We are in the same boat. And it’s absolutely okay. Start using your voice and putting your message out there. You’ll find your tribe and the people who think alike.

Whenever someone calls me crazy I’m rather proud of myself because it shows that I’ve maintained my wild spirit and that I’m not obeying.

I stand for freedom and at this point it’s sad to see how so many beautiful souls, who are here to help humanity shift, are being pulled into the energy of the system. 

I’ll leave you with this thought:

If you are resisting something, you are feeding it. If you are talking or thinking about something, you are feeding it. 

Think about what is happening in a regular person’s mind. How much garbage is taking space. If you are able to learn how to control and empty your mind whenever needed, you’ve won. In these moments you’re able to control what you feed with your energy consciously and that is the real power.

Thank you to everyone who is giving me feedback and taking the time to read. Thank you for everyone who is sharing my posts for more people to reach! I appreciate it.

Until next time!

Gerda Carina

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