Happy birthday

It was around 6pm yesterday when I called my friend and asked her to talk to me a little bit because I was feeling lonely. I had this idea that I should be in a happy romantic relationship and a successful artist wherever I go by the time I turn 27 which was yesterday. Instead I’m kind of starting from zero here in Monaco and building up the new. The new phase of my life that’s going to be completely different from the previous 26 years. The phase where I’m more loving towards myself and wiser when it comes to letting every person in, who crosses my path. 

I’ll be more picky and only focus on the people who lift me up like I do with them. I’m grateful for the toughest year of my life because it gifted me my soul sister, lot’s of quality time with my brother before I moved abroad again and many experiences I can now take with me into the new year. I usually do not celebrate my birthday because it should be a celebration of my mom who has been the best mom to me and my brother but 27 felt like a big shift so here I am writing a blogpost about it.

I sat in the sea for hours. That was my gift to myself – to take time and be present. Physically and mentally.

The evening was spent with beautiful people on a boat! How nice is it to jump into the deep water and become a dolphin?! The best! Who knows me, knows that if I could, I would live underwater because that’s where I feel the most home.

I’ve never been 27 before but it feels better and more juicy. Juicy like these oranges we secretly pick from in front of our house on the street. If you’re a Monegasque you would never do that but thank God I’m a spirit filled with love towards nature so I put my hands on anything that is LIFE.

As a conclusion I’d say that externally the life is getting crazier as I won’t be able to get in to a lot of places without the vaccine passport here but at the same time my internal world is coming together and feeling at ease. 

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I see all of you and appreciate your kindness.

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