Freedom of Choice

It took me a moment but I’m now able to connect the dots.

Me, just like you my dear reader, have experienced highs and lows of life. My low point wasn’t too long ago and I now understand why I was experiencing it and how I came out of it. I’d love to share that as I’m sure there are many who can relate. 

Usually the desire to live has disappeared when I haven’t been in touch with my mission and fulfilling my highest purpose. It’s not like this for everyone but because I’m so truly highly sensitive then every imbalance on whatever level affects my world, my mind, my body and my life immediately. For some people the wrong choices or being stagnant may echo back into their life only later.

The one thing that I embody and try to mirror back to the people around me is freedom. Freedom to choose what to do with your life, where to go, what projects to work on, what kind of a message to put out there, what to believe in, what to think.

The moment I feel like I’m tied down I’ll start gathering tension until I explode and literally fly away. The moment between feeling tied down and flying away is my “low point”. It’s usually full of sadness, depression and very sudden extreme lows. Because I’m already very in tune with my feelings and emotions, it’s extra intense because I feel every level of every emotion that comes like a wave.

Life is like an ocean. If you learn to read the language of the ocean, you’ll know exactly when the next wave comes and how to either ride it or paddle over it. If you don’t know how to do either of them, you’ll end up in a “washing machine”. Try surfing, it will deliver you the message after the first “washing machine” situation.

The older I get the less time I spend in this low point as I’ve learned to observe, ask questions from myself and feel what is the right thing to do. I approach myself as I would approach a friend in need. The shortcut is usually going inside. What we humans tend to do is go outside and ask the answers from external sources. I forget that sometimes as well when I’m in my head too much but at the end of the day when I move into my heart, I’ll always come home to myself.

In July there was a time when I so called “exploded” and followed my calling after feeling stagnant for months and months. I literally flew away from a place that I felt was not enough.

It has guided me towards beautiful people who have helped me understand my mission even more by just being themselves and being my beautiful mirrors with everything that I am.

Yesterday for whatever reason I asked my friend who shares the same birthday with me!!!! to go for a hike. In my mind hiking means walking in the forest because in my hometown there are no mountains but yesterday I was reminded of the true meaning of hiking in nature!

The hike started from the port in Monaco where you can see the yachts and we came all the way up. If you go over the mountain there is this little village called La Turbie. I was so happy walking through the village and sensing the “after the sunset” vibe in France. It reminds me of the time I lived in Contis Plage a few years ago and it brought up beautiful memories I hold dearly in my heart. The evening ended with a feeling of great gratitude.

Inga & Laura

My purpose is not to show you that I went hiking or how beautiful people there are around me but instead to show you that it is possible to live as freely as humanly possible in this world. I know that we may sometimes feel like we don’t have the freedom to choose anymore because of everything that is going on in this world – but we can put our focus on the little things that bring us joy even if it is just a moment alone in your own headspace or even when it’s you doing handcrafts or cooking with friends. Whatever it is you want to do – do it. Where focus goes, energy flows. 

Read the last paragraph again tomorrow and you may see it differently, you may understand the real meaning of what I’m trying to say.

(as a side note – I’ve been listening to THIS nonstop)

Thank you for reading!
With much love!
Gerda Carina

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