Comprehensive online live training for beginner photographers.

Created by a portrait photographer.


6 months of intense learning and homework to start your career as a portrait & headshot photographer.

Learn high-end retouching, business strategies, posing, gear, pitching yourself and much more.


  • Over 18+ Hours of Training via Zoom live calls
  • Learn High-end Retouching with Photoshop
  • Learn the Ins & Outs of Gerda Carina’s business system
  • In-depth Portrait photoshoots with clients Breakdowns
  • How to pitch your services, Email Templates & More
  • Business Strategies & Insights to Making it in the Creative industry
  • Lifetime Access to All the classes with Gerda Carina
  • Access to a private Telegram group for support


  • My portrait photography process with the client
  • High-end retouching
  • Photographing people – starting to build your portfolio
  • Business and marketing
  • Gear and shooting
  • Analyzing the portfolios & “Pitch yourself” round


Want to learn how to study & analyze photographs and light, educate your clients, find your niche, how to take professional portraits at home, and how do I personally shoot in the studio? Access your FREE Portrait Mini-Course here:


15 years of portrait photography 5+ years as a celebrity photographer 250+ satisfied portrait clients worldwide  5+ years of teaching photography

gerda carina

Hi! I’m Gerda Carina, an Estonian born fashion-portrait photographer and educator travelling the world. Currently based in Monaco.

Photography found me when I was 12 years old and has never left. I started educating myself ever since we met! I have been blessed to have worked with some of my dream clients, travel the world for projects and meet amazing people along the way.

After 15 years of experience I’ve shared my knowledge and skills through one-on-one workshops. That is now transforming itself into a 6 month online course for beginners where you build yourself a strong portfolio, learn how to represent your work and yourself, build your system that supports you financially and much more that you would need to know when pursuing this career.

My mission is to help you with the first steps in the industry so you can fly high. Whether you need help with posing, retouching, building your clientele, getting confident with putting yourself out there or business/marketing techniques – I’ve got you covered!




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on January 9th, 2023


This will be a jumpstart to your portrait photography career. Gerda Carina shares everything she’s learned over the past decade starting from how her process looks like, emails, editing techniques, and many shortcuts to starting your own business. You’ll meet other creatives from all over the world through this community through our Zoom classes and the Telegram group you’ll get access to when you enroll in the course.

After you’ve been accepted to the program, you’ll meet Gerda Carina twice a month via Zoom group call.

Yes, as the approach to learn is still as individual as possible.

Otherwise you wouldn’t have enough time to do the homework for the next class.

You’ll have a link sent on your email of the recording of the class.

As soon as the payment is done, you will receive an instruction email about the next steps and dates for LIVE classes.

This program is for anyone willing to learn the art and business of portrait photography! Whether you’re just starting out or you already feel comfortable with the camera, this course will help you take your creative career to the next level.

You’ll get access to the private Telegram group for students.

Yes, only within 30 days. If it’s not a fit for you, send an email and it is taken care of!

Yes! Our support team will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns! Just send your questions to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


Don’t love the course? We offer full refunds within 30 days, so no worries!


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