Do you love the life you are living?

What makes you move?

I smiled while typing in the title because I knew that this is the right thing to share right now.

I think it was the movie “Divergent” where the main actors shared a dialogue about fear. It was something along the lines that usually when fear shuts most of the people down then not the main actress. It made her move instead. I believe she was called Tris.

I’ve watched this movie so many times even though it’s such a Hollywood production and full of violence but I only take the inspiring parts of it with me and the things I resonate with. For example the motivation to move forward no matter the circumstances and only focus on the solutions.

This is how I feel most of the time – wanting to move forward and feel the freedom of doing so.

I spent a lot of my time on the beach camping with my tent before I moved to Monaco. There were always so many ants around me and I loved observing how they functioned. No matter how big the distance between them and their home, they still carried the necessary things into their nest even if it took them the whole day. It wasn’t like they had to come out of their skin to succeed. They seemed so full of willpower and were moving with ease. 

I feel like this little ant right now – moving forward no matter what and actually having the strength to do so because of the state I choose to be in.

The lifestyle I’m living is usually always a big question mark for a lot of people who are used to their daily routine. I’m usually the one who does something once, lives in a place for a month or two and then needs to move forward to explore new horizons. If for whatever reason I’m not able to do it, I shut down and start gathering tension like I talked about in my last blog post.

The external exploration and adventure is also a big challenge for my internal world as there is always a bit of fear coming in at first and showing itself if I don’t have a certain foundation under my feet. It goes away quickly when I focus on my main purpose – freedom. Freedom on every level.

My parents have never told me to get a “proper job” as I think it runs in the family even though I’m the only one who is living the gypsy lifestyle – on the road.

It makes me rather excited and happy!

I would love to connect with likeminded people who always seek for new things and want to try everything that the world has to offer. (If you are an advocate of freedom – let me know!)

What makes YOU move means what in your life has to happen so you would live a life you really want? 

What would you need to let go of?  

What would you need to change within you and around you?

Are you even clear of what you want?

From my personal experience – YOU make YOU move and it may be inspired by fear, love, joy, happiness, pain, hurt, passion, desire or any other feeling or emotion. When there is movement there is also love for life.

You are so powerful and sometimes you don’t even know it.

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With much love and until next time,

Gerda Carina

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