Can you achieve freedom by fighting the system?

Can you achieve freedom by fighting the system? Can you achieve freedom by feeding that same entity you are trying to break free from? 

We do not live in times where we achieve freedom by physically fighting something. You know what kind of freedom I’m talking about. The freedom where we can choose how to live our lives. 

Think about that. EVERY SINGLE THING is a reflection of your internal world. I understand that collectively we have kind of f*cked up but it’s not something we can change overnight or within a couple of years. And not to mention it can’t be achieved by only a few individuals. It has to be changed in the collective consciousness. The change has to happen in the masses. So what’s the solution? 

Before you continue reading, I want to say that I’m only expressing what I see personally, so take it or leave it. Your truth will always be more important than someone else’s, for building your reality. 

Could one of the solutions be us bringing our focus back to understanding that we literally create our life in this physical body? You are a spirit experiencing this human temple so what if you make the best of it? What if you master your mind and see if it changes anything? 

What if you start focusing on SOLUTIONS that navigate through negative without hurting anyone mentally, energetically and through words and actions? Yes it also includes not hurting the “bad guys”.

I understand the urge to fight when we feel injustice but at the same time, don’t you think it causes more resistance and feeds the lower beings and puts you on the same side as them?

In 2020 when I saw how mind blowingly weak the human inner strength was by following the rules (I’ve always been the rebel and gone against everything I was expected to be and do) I was part of the resistance until I moved to Monaco. I was protesting internally and externally while feeding the system by giving it my energy, time and focus. Did it change anything?

At one point we suddenly had to start wearing masks in Monaco also on the streets. How f*cking crazy is to cover your face with a mask on a street? I’m not mad anymore, it rather makes me laugh. But also can you imagine what an internal process and growth I had to go through to navigate in this city without wasting my energy towards hating the system? It was awesome actually. I obviously never cover my nose because I am pro human rights and pro breathing air, but I changed the way I see the game that is being played out right now.

I luckily moved 20 minutes towards the Italian border now and this area is a little heaven on Earth. Even though you can’t visit most of the public spaces without the mask in the center, it does not bother me.

To the rebels who protest and stand for our rights – I understand you. It’s just that I’ve changed the way I’m creating my reality.

Do you believe that you can change the world by focusing on your life, and on your life only? Some of us are born here to be examples but for being the best examples we truly have to dedicate ourselves to mastering our own lives first without giving our focus to the system.

I believe it’s all about the internal attunement. Even if you’re in hell (which this planet for a lot of people is), you can survive by changing your internal attunement towards the external events and situations that occur in your life.

Can you believe that you can change the world by focusing on solutions with ease and leaving aside the gossiping and complaining about government, politics and whatever else that belongs under the system?

I’m not here to tell you what is right or wrong because you are a powerful human and can decide for yourself. You’ll know internally what serves you most and what not. And if you don’t, try it out. Take your energy out of the things that do not serve you and see what changes in your life, in your body, in your energy, in your mind, in your health and overall wellness on every level.

At the end of the day freedom is an internal state. Forever and always.

Much love to everyone and thanks for reading!

I’ll leave you with THIS song. #FinallyFree

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Until next time!
Gerda Carina 

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