Authenticity is the word of the day

Someone once told me that a real artist is shy and quiet. Yet here I am, talking about myself! How else would you know what I do, or feel the essence of who I am if I wouldn’t put myself out here.

The time I take from you has to be spent well. The lines I write have to mean something so that when you finish reading, you feel like you gained something. 

I could write a little article about what to wear in a photoshoot or who to bring, yet I wanted to dedicate this post to all the people who have crossed my path in the studio or elsewhere while being in front of my camera.

I started with this journey 14 years ago and I wouldn’t imagine myself doing anything else but create. I’ve learned the insecurities of people, all their masks they’re wearing and I’ve also learned how they feel when they are allowing themselves just to be themselves – comfortable without hiding behind walls. That’s what I’ve loved about this whole journey the most. Allowing you to see yourself the way I see you. 

I met a dear sister of mine in the UAE last summer, in the middle of nowhere, in the desert close to Saudi Arabia border. She was the first person who made me see clearly on how I capture people. She was the most poetic self, sitting on a dune after sunset, letting the powerful desert wind blow the sand in her dark long black hair while becoming one with the wild spirit of the land. I took a photo of her without her knowing and only later I realised I had captured her soul, truly. How beautiful can a mirror like this be? 


Since then I finally stepped fully into my mission to capture authenticity. Something you can’t experience too often in this world because we are too busy acting out characters we are not and saying things we don’t even mean.

Our way of being affects our environment on the most delicate level. On a level we do not even understand unless we become aware of the possibilities. 

Authenticity and courage to align with it would be my thought I want to leave you with today. 

I will see you soon in the studio, in a safe space, where you can let me softly tear open all your comfort bubbles you’re hiding in and capture your most pure soul.

I love you,

Gerda Carina

Gerda Carina

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