For how long will you sit in your comfort zone?

It took me a long time to shake off the labels people around me had put on me. It also took me a while to shake off the expectations that society had for me.

At the end of the day I’m a child of freedom. It has always been like this and always will be.

It’s been a shaky road because once you break free from these restrictions of other people’s opinions, the environment around you changes. Usually it’s through conflicts with the fellow humans in your life who still represent the Old World. The stomach-twisting moments are the ones that set you free when you decide to do the right thing for YOURSELF no matter what. 

It was even hard for me to change this blog into something else than portraying my clients. I thought that if I start sharing my personal journey, I will lose everyone who has followed my work so far because that was how I was programmed. But regardless of that fear, I know that I have to do what I feel is right at the moment. (Thanks guys for sticking with me!)

Kids usually live for their parents until one day they hopefully wake up and understand that they are an individual who came into this world to live freely and fulfill THEIR mission, not anyone else’s. It can all be done with love and kindness.

Today I’m in a place where the levels go up every day and the new lessons arise. IT’S FUN! Regardless of this nonstop journey of growth and expansion, I’m in a happier place than ever before.

I’m a free woman. I’m an adventurous woman. I’m loving, passionate and full of willpower like I’ve never been before.

That shift happened when I took my attention out from other people’s lives and focused on my own. Sometimes you’ll encounter uncomfortable situations through this transformation because people don’t expect you to suddenly move in this new way. They don’t expect you to have a backbone so strong. They don’t want you to come out of your comfort zone because it will make them feel angry at themselves for not being able to do the same. I will create a post separately in the future where I share my own people’s pleasing experience.  

Through my words you’ll hopefully be inspired to find a way to freedom on whatever level. It doesn’t have to be complete but just a little shift. The smallest changes will usually have the biggest impact.

Last weekend I spent a day in Italy. It’s very close to Monaco. You just have to drive through a bit of France and voilà! I did it first of all because the hike was called “Water hike”. If you know me, you know I could live underwater. 

The other reason was because I now have a new adventure added into my life-collection called “Freedom”. I was able to meet new people, have fun, laugh, practice how to say no, be present and live my own life exactly the way I’m supposed to. Oh, and I was able to bathe in the atmosphere of a small Italian mountain village.

Thank you Inessa for organising those amazing events where people come together and celebrate life! If you are interested in hiking with her in the future, contact me and I’ll guide you to her! It’s worth it!

Here are some captures. Hope you enjoy!

As a side note – if you use these photographs on your own online platforms, please tag me as the photographer. Thank you!

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With Big Gratitude and much Love,

Gerda Carina

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