Are you creating the New World?

Are you creating the New World or are you still a part of the Old World? Are you maybe still facing a dilemma on which side to choose? Maybe you don’t even want to choose and want to let life choose for you? I don’t recommend the last option but who am I to speak for you!?

You know how you think you know things but TRULY understand them only when you experience them on whatever level that is?

Just as a side note – I am neutral everytime I mention the system, matrix, shadow or however you call it. So please ease into this neutrality with me if you feel resistance normally, because the only purpose of mine is to show you different ways to shift your life and not the opposite.

Thankfully I’ve gone through hell in life to rise up with a bag of experience. Now thinking back of the different life phases I see how much they’ve been full of lessons I can share now. 

I know a lot of the people who follow my blog are much older than me and may say that I still have so much to learn because of my young age. 

I left my country after finishing highschool knowing that I’m going to build myself a life abroad. It was just this certain knowing that I belong to the world and not to a small country that will put me into a box. Moving out of my comfort zone was a step into the unknown. The unknown that would shape me into the person I am today. 

It showed me what pain means. It showed me different ways of love and it lifted me up as fast as it hit me down to the ground in tears. It has been a rollercoaster and I’m surprised that the more I live my life as a free spirit, the more I want to stretch myself out of my comfort zone regardless of it being bittersweet. Freedom makes you do it. It really makes you want to see how far you can go. 

Going back to the beginning where I asked you to be neutral towards the matrix… I wanted to share a realisation that has helped me become an observer in situations that otherwise may take my energy. Situations of the matrix.

By now you probably know that there is this New World that is in the making and if you’re reading this, you are probably one of us and helping to create it. There is also the Old World that is in such agony that it’s trying to make humanity suffer as never before.

You may still meet the Old World when you walk on the street, go to the market, check social media, watch the news or movies, talk to a friend or even a family member. It may feel uncomfortable and if you’re sensitive like me, you may feel a feeling similar to an anxiety in your belly when you forget to ground yourself. I call this the energy of the system. It’s still in everything and everyone that has chosen to stay into the Old World.

I can write about this for hours but I’ll try to make it as simple and easy to understand as possible. I will bring you a personal example. For this I have to go to the past into a time where I was open to everyone without selecting the energys I let in from external sources. It was rough and ugly so that’s why I think it’s a great example because of its contrast.

There was a time when I was in love, so crazy in love. At least at that time I thought being attached is the same as being in love. (daddy issues much?) I was attached to this guy who had an irresistible smile and the most beautiful eyes.

My point is that we spent time together and I got to know his energy. At that time I didn’t understand why I felt so anxious every time before meeting him that I wanted to vomit. One time I literally was sitting next to the toilet thinking that this is it. It was absolutely absurd but yet again I put myself through it so many times. At first I thought that I’m just nervous. I was young, in a big city and because of the fear of missing out, I said yes to almost everything new. How could I say no to him?

In the recent months I’ve experienced the same pattern through communicating with people whether online or face to face. Actually I’ve experienced it a lot and not just recently. Because energy does not know distance, it affects you basically the same way whether you are in the same room with the person or just talking over the phone. 

And it made me realise what it is and why it keeps happening. Long story short – there can be a million reasons why you feel anxious in your body or belly before meeting someone and exchanging your energy. My reason has been and was in the example I brought you that it’s just the energy of the system. Literally. That’s it.

Let me explain.

The way I would love to describe people sometimes is computer programs. We have installed different programs throughout life into our minds, beings and bodies that control our life. Mostly their not even ours. We tend to take over beliefs and values of other people until we become aware of it and reprogram ourselves. 

So almost every time I’ve felt anxious in my body before exchanging my energy with someone, is because I’ve already reprogrammed myself out of the system and I’m just meeting someone who is still part of the Old World. Why does it manifest itself as anxiety in my body? Because I’ve done years of conscious cleanse to now see the difference between the Light and the Dark. Pure Light makes you feel love and ease. Dark drags you down with itself.

I’ll try to help you see it through an even easier example. Imagine two people sitting and rolling around in the mud. They get dirty. One of them will go and take a shower, the other one will stay and sit in the mud for days, weeks, years. The other person will stay stagnant and will only see the world from the dirt and mud point of view. They don’t see what life is like after taking a shower.

Does that make sense?

In a nutshell this realisation has been something that has helped me be very careful of where I open myself and with whom. Your wellbeing on every level is so precious that I don’t even have enough words to express it. Your energy is what makes you a Creator. You are a Creator. You are energy. We can’t spend our days sitting in trash and then come home hoping we will smell like a flower because our home is clean. It doesn’t work like this.

Become an observer towards what is going on in the invisible world. I’m still a human and make lots of mistakes but thankfully they don’t go to waste and I can share them here with you.

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Thank you for reading!

Until next time!

Gerda Carina

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