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What is the last great free thing you did recently? If you can’t think of anything, I’ll promise that reading this blogpost will be one of those great things. 

Today, after my recent road trip to the unknown yet again and after feeling so inspired, I felt that it’s time to share something I’ve wanted to share with you for a long time now.

If you’ve followed me for some time, you know that my lifestyle is not really what you can call “normal”. I’m not an extreme traveler but I’ve always lived my life freely – internally and externally. I moved to London after high school and started flying alone from there to different locations in the world for creative projects while absorbing new skills and ideas. It was normal for me to move after every month or two because I was always looking for the new and unknown. My Spirit can’t live without adventure.

Last year I moved to Monaco and yet again, I found myself adventuring in France and Italy.

My story is not about how many places I’ve visited but instead how I live my life internally. Every new adventure gives me an opportunity to surrender and trust life. 

What is the state that I’m in, in order to live that kind of a lifestyle where everything is possible?


I believe things before I see them and not the other way around. 

At the end of the day, it’s all a mind and energy game. A game that shifts your life and can lift you to heights. 

I’ve been to rock bottom and back so I understand that sometimes it’s tricky to see clearly alone with no help or example.

If you want to experience more joy and freedom in your life, I would like you to continue reading and see if what I have to offer resonates with you.

1 FREE “LIVING FREELY” Coaching Session

Get your free 25 min. “Living Freely” Coaching Session one-on-one with me.

In this powerful session you will leave with: 

  • Written positive outcomes for your life
  • A new awareness of what are the challenges that are blocking you from your freedom
  • A renewed sense of energy about turning your life around and living in a higher frequency
  • Clarity about what you want 
  • A “next-step” action plan for moving your life into the next phase internally and externally – adventure, joy and freedom!


1. This offer is available only for the first 5 people to send me an email to info.gerdacarina@gmail.com

2. If you would like to have one of these free sessions with me, please let me know and I will pick 5 winners at random from all of the people who respond.

3. This session is normally 120€, but as a gesture of goodwill to my audience, I’m making it available for free to the next 5 people only! 

I only have 5 spaces open for these free sessions all month, and once they are gone, they’re gone!

I’m here to help you gain clarity and live a better life. I’m here to guide you and give you the tools to free yourself from whatever that is, that is blocking you!

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